gucci sighting today, was this you???????????

  1. gucci gals, we've got this thread on the b-bag forum & i started it on the YSL forum too :love:...whenever we see a cool b-bag out & about, we try & post it on, after seeing a pretty gucci blondie recently, i thought i'd try & start one over here ;)...why should celebrities get all the attention?!?!

    where: on an uptown E train, nyc
    what: a gorgeous black gucci blondie
    who: a pretty african american girl
    when: tuesday, 9/26 @ 6:30pm

    :wlae: :wlae: :wlae: :wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
    092606_18161.jpg 092606_18162.jpg 092606_18171.jpg
  2. Oooh wish it was me!! Gorgeous bag!!! I want it!!!
  3. yeppers, it's one gorgeous bag for sure, a black gucci blondie bowler w/black enamel double G's (the 1st one i've ever seen IRL) :drool:
  4. hahaha how did you manage to snap some pictures of her without her noticing? You were really desperate huh haha. its very cute tho!
  5. nope, not desperate since i've got a similiar one @ home :P...i was just excited to see one since it's a rare occurrence!!!
    DSCF2073 rev.jpg
  6. ooh la la! how pretty.. did you use your camera phone?
  7. she's african american? gorgeous bag, nonetheless.
  8. OMG, nice catch, bama-sweetie!:nuts: i would've been snapping away like crazy too since you don't see this bag very often IRL!

    it's gorgeous:love: i hope she's a PFer here so we can get more pics and drool over her blondie baby!!!!:lol: oh how lucky, you, thithi and this girlare to have 'breathtaking black blondie beauties'! (wow! that was a mouthful of tongue-twisting "B"s:roflmfao: )
  9. are these bags still available?
    if not, where can i get one lol
  10. ebay's your best bet right now
  11. I Love That Bag!!!
  12. I was thinking of listing my white one :smile:

    I LOVE THIS SITE!!!! I'd love it you'd give me a clue what to check for authenticity - I read the 3-4 tips on that thread. I'm going to put it on the Authenticate thread so please come take a look. I bought it in an auction lot of lost and misdirected mail - it's brand new.

    Thanks - lovely bags, ladies!!!!!
  13. Oh my goodness! I know I'm about ten million years late but aaallabama that's me you snapped a picture of!!!
  14. OMFG, no waaaaaaaaaaaaay, i wish i knew it was you girlfriend!!! :yahoo:...that's so cool, because that's the bag i helped you find!!!
  15. Now that is pretty cool!