Gucci Shopping Online

  1. Hi guys, does offer tax free shopping?
  2. Last time i ordered, they charged me tax (I am in California) and $10 shipping
  3. depends where you live. I am in Cal and get charged sales tax on everything.
  4. In MA here and I was wondering if they do charge sales tax.
    Thanks for the input!
  5. I am pretty sure they do. You can always go to and I think if you put the purse in your shopping cart and get to the point where you enter your credit card # somewhere before you you finalize the order it should give you a total and you will be able to tell if you are going to be charged tax or not.
  6. tax will be precalculated in there for ur state...but the catch is if your state does NOT have a gucci store, then u will NOT be charged tax and that tax charge will be removed when ur credit card is run!.
  7. thanks much