Gucci shop robbed!!

  1. Hi girls! Got up this morning expecting to read the usual news and chance upon this interesting bit...

    Sydney Morning Herald

    OK, i know a robbery isn't supposed to be funny but it occured to me that this is further confirmation to those of us who love our gucci bags that our purchases are valuable investments!! hold on to your handbags, girls! :lol:
  2. They will all end up on E-bay..
  3. oh interesting. I shall check ebay for any fierce Gucci's from the land down under. Thanks for the tip. wink,wink.
  4. those poor gucci handbags in the dirty hands of theives!
  5. Wow! :blink:
  6. yay finally something happens in Australia!!! lol thats so bad i've been to that store so many times its great, not so sure how great it will look now with the smashed window theydeserve to go to jail no one no one steals gucci !!!
  7. so true, i also feel sorry for the bags! :sad2:
  8. that is crazy!?
  9. lol that's funny. too bad the cops will be watching ebay too, so they probably will just end up being sold out of the trunk of a car.
  10. Oh my... :sad2:
  11. Ooohh I never peek into gucci subforum, but this one caught my eye :biggrin: