Gucci Shoes

  1. I just bought these, I luv them!
    Gucci Shoe.jpg
  2. stunning
  3. veeeeery classy .. congrats ..

    are they comfy?

    OffTopic: Ur kitttttttttttty is soo adorable
  4. I want thoseeeee.
  5. gorgeous!!!!
  6. Congrats! Enjoy them!
  7. For 5.5 inch heals I guess they are as comfy as you can got a lot of compliments the other night when I wore them.
  8. Love the patent leather!
  9. So hot! I love them! 5.5" heals ... wow! :nuts:

  10. WOW!!! i pre-oredered those in metallic glitter red patent leather like in JULY!!! waiting for them to come in.. i wear a size 4.5 so its a tricky thing... heeee so lovely! congrats!!!! and being 5'1" i LOVE the 5" boost!
  11. Wow you have small feet.. I'm almost 5'2" and I have to wear size 6.5 :crybaby:
  12. awww.. its actually quite a pain in the :blush: nothing ever fits and sometimes a 4.5 isnt even small enough,.... rrrrrrg heeee
  13. Pretty. Congrats
  14. very nice,congrats
  15. Hottt!