Gucci shoes

  1. You guys have probably seen these already but I am totally falling head over heals for this pair of gucci sandals. It is just sooooooo sexy to me. I am not one for suede but I will make and exception for these.:smile:

  2. Delish, I'd fall straight off those.
  3. Those are nice!!!

  4. Your hilarious. I am 5'9 and LOVE to wear high heels.
  5. Those are so beautiful. I haven't seen them in person but I remember drooling over them a couple months ago.
  6. Those are kinda cute :love: I've been really into shoes lately.
  7. i have a pair of gucci boots, they are the most comfy shoes for me. 3 inch heel, but i'm a size 5, so that's kinda high for me.
  8. I'm 5'10', love high heels too, but dang, after 2 kids have forgotten how to walk in them.
  9. Those are fierce!
  10. your avatar! That would be a great t-shirt!

    Those heels are wicked!!! I couldn't walk to feet in those!
  11. i love those. i happen to have some gucci strappy sandals and love them. though 4 inches, they are comfortable (have a high instep)
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