Gucci shoes

  1. Hello all,
    I bought myself some Gucci suede shoes from the spring summer collection I think, and have worn them to death, but they have watermarks on them !!! It makes them look ugly :tdown:, is their some type of suede cleaner you can buy and if so where can I get it?
    Thanks guys :smile:
  2. I'm sorry this happened, I don't think there's a way to get rid of watermarks, but do wait for some other comments, hopefully they'll prove me wrong. Suede, unfortunately is a very delicate material...
  3. I had the same problems with my Gucci shoes and nothing really worked on them.
  4. This will be a hard one to fix. All you can do in my opinion is waterproof your suede shoes in the future.
  5. :crybaby:I should've waterproofed them when I bought them. Thanks anyways guys
  6. I would take them to a shoe repair place and see what they can do.