Gucci shoes sizing help please.

  1. Hi, I have the opportunity to purchase some shoes online that would match a purse that I have. I was wondering though how Gucci shoes run, I've never tried them on. Are they true to size? The shoes are offered in a US size, btw.
  2. I have alot of Gucci shoes...Sometimes I go down HALF a size..they run big on me......I would say 50/50 on going down half a size...Especially HIGH heels..they always run HUGE.
  3. I agree with Jill. My lug sole loaphers are a 1/2 size smaller. BUT, my plain sole loaphers are true to size.
  4. I'm a 38 EU size (7M in the US) and all my Gucci's (high heels and flats) are 1/2 a size smaller... Hope this helps
  5. I went a 1/2 size smaller than normal, and they're perfect
  6. I wear an 11 and their 11s fit true to size on me. I have 2.5 inch to 3.7 inch heels from Gucci. I ordered a 10.5 recently because 11 was sold out and am returning them because my heel hangs over the back. However on the pointy toe boots I would go a half size bigger if they sold 11.5 which they do not. I have a pair of black pointy toe guccissima ankle boots I am trying to dump now because of it is a lil too tight for me at the toe.
  7. I usually go with my regular US size 7. They almost always fit.
  8. What about Gucci sandals? At they say "note-for best fit order one whole step down for best fit" I was wondering if that was true.
  9. I use 1/2 size smaller
  10. I have 2 pairs of loafers (one lug, one leather sole) and 2 pairs of boots... size 10. The shoes/boots are all flat and fit perfectly, true to size. Could be a different fit with a heel. You could always use a Dr Scholl's insert if they were a bit big. Better a bit big than a bit small.
  11. it also depends on the year too. I am a size 5.5 and I bought a pair of sandals and pumps two years ago and they were true to size. This year I bought four pairs: two pumps and two flats and they were so big I had to get them in 4.5.
  12. it all depends of the shoe style, I usually go true size, in rare ocasions, 1/2 size smaller...
  13. I know that this thread is kind of old but maybe this info will help others who want to purchase this high heel platform sandal.
    The sizing is huge!
    I am usually a 38.5 in a gucci sandal....but in this beautiful baby i went down a full size (37.5) I could not believe it!
    Hope this helps.:nuts:
  14. It's true - I have to go down half a size and a full size for a flat.
  15. jenyi ... can u measure ur insole for the pumps in CM and let me know for a 4.5?