Gucci Shoes I got from the sale

  1. I figure I will post this one here (sorry my chanel scarfs are in the background), but the shoes are hot....I couldnt believe that I could find these on sale.
  2. Congrats!!!! Love them!!!
  3. They are totally smokin hot! Congrats!
  4. Hi mssmelanie: are such a sweet person and being so supportive for all the members....I remember you told me your story about selling your on sale items on eBay to encourage me....well...I am still stucked...but I think it will sort it out eventually...thanks again!
  5. Lovely!
  6. Congrats! Hot color!
  7. so hot....congrats!
  8. well...I haven't figured out when to wear them...they seem so fragile..:roflmfao: (the heels are so thin and high)...does anyone have these type of shoes...can you walk long distance in them???
  9. those are TDF!
  10. They are for showoff, not walking! Congrats!
  11. Those are beautiful. The shoes are rocking. Luv it!
  12. i have a teal pair of gucci sandles with heels excatly like that

    haha DEF dont go dancing in them...i broke a heel when i went clubbin in them hehe :smile:

    but ive got to say they are the most comfy heels i own, they look dieciving!!!
  13. Hehe don't attempt to run a marathon with those heels! They're very lovely, congrats!
  14. i love the color! congratz!
  15. <cat call>