Gucci shoe sizing?

  1. Do Gucci shoes run big, small, TTS?
  2. Gucci runs true to size for me for the most part. In some styles, I take a 1/2 size smaller/larger than my US size, but most of my shoes are a 9, which is my US size.
  3. Yeap I agree they run true to size.
  4. Blackbird, I have to go against the consensus so far and say that for me Gucci shoes run big. I usually size down at least 1/2 a size, and sometimes even one full size down than what I normally wear. But I guess that it also depends on the width of your foot.
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  5. TTS for the most part.
  6. 1/2 size up from American sizes, 1/2 size down from European size for me.
  7. They're pretty TTS for me. The plus is they are wider than CLs.
  8. Thanks!

    My foot is narrow so it looks like I'll have to downsize. :smile: