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  1. anyone lives in sf that knows a good SA? i know there's gonna be a sale soon at gucci, neiman and Saks! i don't know the sa, but i really want to put this one seasonal bag on hold when the sale does come anyone know a good sa?! or maybe when is the pre sale or the exact sale day?!
    THANKS !
  2. Try Lena, she is great!
  3. I'd also like to know the exact dates for that gucci sale :smile:
  4. Hmm. I don't know if they have them on the exact same dates every year but, I get a postcard in the mail regarding them.

    BTW, I hate the staff at Gucci SF. I guess that's why I don't really shop at Gucci a lot. Saks around the corner is better IMO.
  5. Anne @ Gucci SF always helps me & is pretty nice. I'm not sure when their fall/winter sale is, but I know they have Friends & Family discount sometime in November.