Gucci SF Unicef cocktail party

  1. I just got my invite last night! Is anyone else going? Anyone get any details yet??
  2. I want to go but I didnt get an invite :sad:
  3. I called yesterday & from what I understand it is open to the public. They're open until 8pm (instead of 6pm) & cocktails are from 6-8p. But for the 10% off I think you have to have the invite.
  4. how do you get these invites???
  5. You need to get onto their mailing list.
  6. I've purchased from that boutique a few times & I get mailings from them a few times a year.
  7. I received my invite on Monday for the Rodeo Drive Store. It indicates champagne and hors d'ouvres from 6-8 p.m. It doesn't say anything about open to the public.

    I attended one last November at the Kalakaua Drive store in Oahu and they actually locked the door for those two hours...
  8. Hmmmm...the SA I spoke to said the event was open to the public. Maybe I misunderstood her or she was misinformed? It would be nicer if it wasn't.
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