Gucci Serial Numbers - Are they always centered???

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  1. Gucci bag owners, I have a question for you! I apologize if this is a bit of a silly question, but I've checked all the bags I own and it seems like the serial number is always centered on the back of the interior tag. Do any of you own Gucci bags where the serial number is off-centre? Or is this a sign of a fake? :shrugs:

    I'm wondering about this because I came across a picture of a serial number in my Gucci bag search and while the bag itself looks authentic, the off-centre serial number is throwing me off a bit. Perhaps it's just because the photo was taken at an angle, but it's hard to I thought I'd check with you all!

    Can you ladies please let me know - are your serial numbers all centered???

    TIA!!!!!!!!!! :flowers:
  2. Hi Shar! I hope your enjoying your Gucci bag from me :smile: Anyway, here's some pics of my bags with the serial#'s.. I wouldn't say that they are centered.

    Looks like they are all over..

  3. Wow! thanks for showing us how it should look... Gucci serial numbers always have a distinctive font.
  4. very cool shots!

  5. Yes, they DO!!! Especially the number 2, they way it curls up on the end. That is really the best way to authenticate a bag. The counterfeiters NEVER get it right.

    I would say YES, the numbers are always centered. Like in mssmelanie's pics, a couple of her bags have the serial #'s a bit closer to the top--thats not uncommon. But as you can see, all of hers are centered from left-to-right. The font is more important. Great pics melanie.

    I have one pic from a purse I was trying to sell awhile ago (its still sitting in my closet gathering dust).

  6. thanks for pointing out the 2 detail. I never noticed that.
  7. Please post these type of questions and pics in AUTHENTICATE THIS! please!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.