Gucci Serial Number Checker

  1. Hi There,

    Does anyone know of a website that allows you to enter your Serial Number to check authenticity? I've heard of this before on another thread, but the link didn't work. Please Help.

  2. you can google the serial number and look for links that were cached from the actual site

    but sometimes the bag is so old or due to Gucci updates to their site you can't find anything...sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt

    beyond that I dont know of anyway to do this on the web
  3. ^^ You gave me the idea and I looked into it further. If you have the google toolbar, try this: get into the gucci website and then type the serial number into the toolbar search box. Next to the box there is a search button that expands into a menu, open it and then click on "Current Site." Google will then search for the serial number specifically on the Gucci website.

    Another option I've tried that sometimes works is going to the Google homepage, click on Images above the toolbar, and then search for the serial number with the word gucci. It will list all images that it can find matching that serial number. Keep in mind though, it will post images from fake selling websites too.
  4. Hi there can anyone help me authenticate this Gucci Bag please ...hope ill get your feedbacks asap thank u
    IMG_7506.JPG IMG_7507.JPG IMG_7508.JPG IMG_7509.JPG IMG_7515.JPG IMG_7516.JPG IMG_7668.JPG IMG_7669.JPG