Gucci Scarf

  1. Hello,

    Quick question guys. I recieved a Black Gucci GG Scarf (100% wool) for bluefly about a

    month ago. And I just realized that on that scarf it has 8 GG's going accross and the one

    on the Gucci website has 9. Does this mean it is a fake? Could it be from a different

    year? Thanks

    Mine (Bluefly):

  2. Have you compared the size w/ the one on Maybe it's smaller? Bluefly is legit though.
  3. Size of the G's may be different as well. And yes Bluefly is legit.
  4. Ok I will compare the sizes. I just thought that they should all look the same but that scarf could have been from another season. I will let you guys know.
  5. Measurements: 13"wide x 72" long

    Gucci Measurements: 13.8" wide x 70.9" Height