Gucci scarf question

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  1. I am hoping someone here is knowledgeable in Gucci scarf patterns.

    I recently picked up this scarf knowing it was special. The quality of it is nearly similar to the Hermes scarves I have had in the past. In fact, I have a NWT Pucci scarf here and a Dior scarf and the quality of it it better than those. The hems are hand rolled and the color is saturated through to the back.

    I point this out because I do not believe that counterfeiters would go to the expense to make a scarf of this high quality.

    I had some help over on the ebay boards and they finally were able to pinpoint this as a Gucci Accornero print. Problem is, I can not find neither Gucci nor Accornero on this scarf!

    Someone did mention that some of the reissues of scarves didnt have the Accornero signature on them, and that at times they would have hidden the Gucci signature in the print itself.

    So as I was looking I thought I might have seen a Gucci in the ostritch feathers, but am not sure if it is my mind playing tricks or not.

    Unfortunately the silk label has been removed.

    So, after all of this reading you have done, I am asking if it is true that on the reissue scarves that it could be devoid of both Gucci and Accornero

    I will post the photos in the next post.

    thanks to anyone who takes a look at it!
  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. It's a lovely scarf but to the best of my knowledge all Gucci Accornero and Flora silk scarves have Gucci written in script somewhere in the pattern.

    You could ask Christies to value it and if they do you will know it is Gucci (they have access to the Gucci archives I am told).