Gucci scammer on ebay


May 30, 2010
I bought a gucci monogram xl hobo for $950 on ebay. After receiving the box, i opened it to find a small used ugly gucci purse that was definately not what i bidded on. I contacted the seller and she denied ever selling to me and denied ever even shipping anything. I provided her the item # and the transaction # from paypal and ebay and she denied the entire thing. She said they were fake #'s and that she would report me to ebay and payal for me being I was so mad. I did a charge back to my credit card and they gave me credit and will present chargeback to paypal. Paypal said yes the transaction did happen and that they will accept the chargeback since the seller is not willing to communicate and resolve this. I noticed this seller has sold quite a few gucci handbags recently and received a few negative feedbacks. Any advice on how i should handle this transaction differently? She is extremely rude just like her negative feedback rings true to.


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Jun 7, 2010
post her id here so everyone knows!

is this seller stupid or what? what's the point denying everything? did she think 'ok i deleted the listing in my ebay, so no one knows it ever happened?' :wacko: