Gucci Sales?

  1. Hi! I just bought my first Gucci (Abbey Messenger, with the bone colored trim along with matching wallet) Am sooo excited and now addicted. I saw somewhere here that Gucci has sales - are the sales also at their online store? I'm in Seattle and we don't have a store here. Also, last time I was in Palm Springs CA, I went to a Gucci outlet store in Cabazon - anyone know, are the bags and shoes there defects or seconds? Why are they there so cheap? Am going again in March and if they aren't defects, am planning on a splurge...

  2. most of them are display models and past season stuff that didn't sale
  3. how much is the average $$s is it really that cheap?
  4. Congratulations on your first Gucci! :yahoo: I am such a big fan of the off white and brown gg canvas. Gucci does have sales twice a year.. Usually around June and then again in Dec/January. For the items that went on sale it was 30% off non leather and 40% off leather. The dept stores usually have their sales at the same time or earlier. The stores will also do further discounting but that's when pickings are slim. I have been able to get a really good deal that way.

    The sale is also online for Gucci and Sak's Neiman Marcus.

    Sorry I don't know anything about the outlets...
  5. Hi, if you go to gucci's web site you can register for emails and they will email you when they have their sales on their web site! That's how I found out last year, because I signed up. I have one gucci bag, from the cruise line, and just ordered a horsebit hobo, the large one, I cant wait till I get it in the mail!
  6. Thanks for the tips - I registered my email with the website and will see if I cacn hold out for a sale (doubtful...)