GUCCI Sales, Outlet, Web and Authentic Auction Deals Thread • No Chatting Please

  1. Please authenticate my eBay items I've found.

    Thanks so much for your help, I have not had great experiences in the past trying to buy designer goods as they've all turned out to be fakes on eBay once I've had them authenticated. :smile:
  2. Please try in the tread --- Authenticate This Gucci ---
  3. hi everyone

    I'm new to the thread and also a baby about gucci. i crave the gucci horsebit hobo and need to know about an auction on e-bay is a buy it now for $133.00.someone please help!looks like i might have to pay full price at Nordstrom.:crybaby:
  4. Wow-44 available???? I think this screams FAKE!!!:tdown:
  5. Lmorte, here are two great deals on Gucci horsebit that may interest you...

    If you're not able to afford the Gucci Hobo right now, this is a smaller version that might interest you... it's better to start small than to spend $133 on a fake if you ask me!

    Here is the horsebit at about 30% off...

    Of course, this is the part where you BUY on the website (their outlet) NOT the part where you "borrow". I don't like borrowing... I'm too possessive and I take great care of my bags. :smile: Good luck and happy shopping!
  6. I saw them featured on TV (Today Show, I think?) a while back so I'm pretty sure they're authentic. I'm more worried about the condition of their "gently used" bags. Seem like good deals though. Anybody have any experience purchasing used bags from them?

    Also, have any of you bought bags from Designer Import? They claim 100% authenticity on their bags. Are they reliable?
  7. Never mind on this question...I just did a search and apparently they sell fakes. :tdown:
  8. :tup::tup::tup: I'm glad a TPF girl got it! :woohoo: