Gucci sales...lowering the appeal of Gucci

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  1. Hi everyone
    I really want the Gucci princy hobo bag because I don't own any gucci, only lv. there aren't any lv styles I really want right now. I'm tired of speedys because I already have one and i really want a good shoulder bag.

    the only thing stopping me from buying the princy hobo is that gucci costs as much as lv in most cases, except it goes on sale, giving it a lower status than lv.

    what do you think? should i go with gucci even though people can get bags for the price of Coach when they go on sale, or should i try to find another lv that i like? does anyone know any good lv handbags under $1000 (im still in high school and jobless with a budget from the parents)? and do you agree that gucci has less appeal than lv because of their sales?
  2. I love both but I love LV a little more. Gucci has started catching my eye more recently because like you nothing has really grabbed me on the LV side so I have been crossing over. As far as the appeal, it does bug me that Gucci goes on sale but if its something I have been looking for and find it at a FABULOUS price then hey whatever works. As far as an LV that is not a speedy for under $1000.00 the only thing I can say is the neverfull which is not my fav but that is the only thing that comes to mind. If you add $200.00 more you can get the Galliera and that is a wonderful shoulder bag!!! If you like a Gucci and its on sale then go for it, get what you like don't worry about anybody else.
  3. For god's sake you should buy a bag because you LIKE it, not because of the brand's status. I personally like Gucci because I wouldn't buy most of their bags at full price, but I'd consider them on sale.

    Sales give the brand and the consumer flexibility :yes:
  4. I don't quite understand the brand issue when it comes to purses. I mean we don't complain about the same thing when it comes to a pair of jeans or a cute jacket. I know that in many instances, the purse/bag costs 5 to 10 times more than my two examples, but in all honesty, if you are buying the bag to tell the world you have cash, it would just be easier to staple $100 bills to a canvas bag.

    And on a sidenote, even on sale, the average person still can't afford a Gucci bag, so it isnt like its going down to $9.99 and my Grandma will pop up in church with a new Gucci - so why worry. Buy what you like, wear what you love and everything else will fall into place.
  5. LOL at "staple $100 bills to a canvas bag".

    Yeah I agree. Wear what you like. I personally like Gucci more because they have so many different styles and designs. If you're worried about it being on sale buy a classic style in a classic color those never go on sale!
  6. i don't think it lowers the appeal. there are many people that can't afford gucci even though it's on sale. i personally like gucci more than lv even though it goes on sale bc gucci has so many styles to choose from. the lv canvas doesn't allow them to have as many styles as gucci. if anything, the sales make me buy more gucci.

    gucci sale bags will never reach the level of outlet/sale coach bags. if it EVER does, which it never will, then i will stop buying gucci bags.
  7. I Love Gucci. The fact that they go on sale does not bother me. In-fact I love it. My main collection is chanel but if Iike a Gucci or a burberry I will buy it.
  8. I tend to get the "classic" gucci colours that go on the brown canvas or guccissima. Rare but it happens.
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    I think the notion of buying something for it's "status" is ridiculous even in this ridiculously capitalistic society. I joined TPF because I love handbags, I love leather, and beautiful accessories that make me feel feminine and pretty. I dislike competition from women who all want to beat one another based on what they own or how much it cost. I always compliment other women on things they wear that I like and they have certainly inspired me to try new things myself.

    I don't mean to go on a diatribe, but why can't you just love a bag, or anything else for that matter just for want it is...not for the exclusivity and status that it provides? The point being I love Gucci for Gucci's sake. The rich leathers and exotic treatments and the fun and sexy shoes...if it goes on sale that's great b/c that means I can collect even more of a brand I love. Also I would like to point out that though LV does not go on sale you can still buy a preowned near mint condition item for much less than the retail which to me is almost like a sale in and of itself...
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    That's a tad harsh because I don't think she or many of the members here do that. And about what I underlined, if that is so you do realise you have a YSL muse in your wishlist right?
  11. I disagree with you in that I don't think its harsh at all. I have been on this board for about 2 years and I have not heard the same statements made about jeans, shoes or other mass produced items many of them exceeding the prices of Gucci bags. I will still go back to my original idea of denim and will bring up shoes also - items that most often do on sale even for the most coveted items. For example, when a pair of snakeskin Jimmy Choos hit the market for $1100, some women rush out and get them right away while others wait and hope they go on sale - which they sometimes do. Does that diminish the Jimmy Choo brand or the women who bought them full-price? Both sets of women are hopefully happy cause they bought something they love and cherish. And the brand is still strong even when it put something on sale.

    What I railed against in my original post and will continue to do from my little soapbox on the internet is what I saw in the original post. It is what caused my initial tinge of annoyance - because it reeked of the type of behavior that I think many of the members of the TPF shun - I think most people here buy the purses, the shoes, jewelry and clothes because its beautiful, makes them feel good and they are happy. Do some of them happen to be a brand name - sure. But some are things from non-designer estalishments that they love just as much.

    I only speak for myself, but my opinion, the statements in the original post inferred a sense of elitism which I found grating. This is not an attack on the original poster, as I don't know how they meant it nor can I speak for them on their intent.

    And yes, Kavandoo, I do have the YSL Muse on my wishlist - not because its a YSL bag. The Muse doesn't represent a status item to be but embodies a beautiful shape, luxe materials suede and great craftmanship. The bag is beautiful because of all this, not because of the YSL name. Yet if someone got it on sale, I would kick myself for missing the opportunity but not discount the brand (or person) for scoring a deal.

    I am by no means trying to start a flame war on here, but wanted to place my opinion in print. I still stand by what I initially wrote and did not intend to have anyone feel attacked. I am shutting up now ..... and for the record, yes, I have bought plenty of Gucci on sale :tup:

  12. The reason why you want the Muse was the point I was trying to make.

    "I do have the YSL Muse on my wishlist - not because its a YSL bag. The Muse doesn't represent a status item to be but embodies a beautiful shape, luxe materials suede and great craftmanship."
  13. ugh i deff buy gucci because of the brand GUCCI that i love so much and im sure many others as well and thats also the reason why i love gucci because it goes on sale and it that gives me opportunity to be able to buy SOME. anyway back to youre question i think you should deff go for a gucci try to score one on sale!
  14. If you want status symbol, you should get Hermes for leather.

    Gucci, LV pale in comparison to hermes.

    I think the sales pertain to the canvas, which Gucci has a lot of really different styles and sizes. Sales make the search fun.

    LV don't really have that many different stuff. If they do go on sale, that is IF they go on sale, it'll probably be the monogram smaller stuff like the IPod holder or cig holder. Doesn't lower the status of LV a bit.
  15. Well said! I don't mean to go off topic but I would love to know what's a good reliable source to buy pre-owned near mint condition LV bags. I'm too afraid of fakes to buy off Ebay. Any tips you can give me will be greatly appreciated!