Gucci sales discount?

  1. Could someone give me an idea how much discount the sales usually offer? 20% off, or more? Thanks in advance.
  2. I think it is around 30% off (40% off for leather bags) but it is not every style that is discounted.
  3. I can't wait until the next sale. Hopfully it is better than the last one in Dec.
  4. The summer sale is usually better. Last summer's sale was definitely better than the December one.
  5. Gonna save up tons of $$$ for the next sales. I'm broke but happy :wlae: !!!
  6. any idea what will be on sale this summmer??? i hope theres some nice goodddddies! I want a new planner, my gucci one is too small, a nige big tote for my laptop and a cute "first day of law school" purse and TENNIES!!! i need new tennies! :smile: or their flip flops OHHH JOY!

    hehe i know just call me elle woods, ;)
  7. And one more serious question: do you prefer to shop at the boutique or department stores? Which one has better service? Thanks again.
  8. I love elle woods!
  9. depends on which dept. holt renfew in vancouver = POOR service!
  10. i ussally shop at boutiques, but yesterday i went to Niemans and they just hired the NICEST SA....she is THE best!!! sooooooooo sweet! :smile:

    hehe and thanks beejerry, i love her too! While i was preparing for my lsats, the ONLY thing that would motivate me to study is that movie :-P hehe
  11. if your looking for brand bags less than the actual try search engine and type a the bags are authentic try it may have spell wrong
  12. i like going to the department stores, seem to get better help