gucci sale!

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  1. starts december 5th. not sure if it's only instore or online as well...

    i've been eyeing these two...




    any opinions out there? would like some help trying to decide! the big concern is the second one is really huge. and i'm really tiny. like nicole richie tiny and this bag is almost half my size... the one on top is much smaller, but the shape isn't there... dilemma dilemma.
  2. I prefer the bigger one, Numba 2!!! But I'm not crazy about the Blueberry blue, I think they look geougous in Leather, (I've beenn Eye'n these too!!!!:love:
  3. o:huh:h, those were the same 2 i've been eyeing.. i'm petite though 5'1 and the bigger one was waaaayyy toooo biggg on me.
  4. fayden.. i just called the gucci store, unfortunately the bags we want won't be going on sale. the sale where the whole store gets a 10% discount was this past tuesday.
  5. dammit really?!!! i suppose since i'm actually not even 5 feet tall, i would actually make you feel tall. the bigger one will look way silly then huh? DARN IT. DAMMNIT. i REALLY REALLY wanted the bigger one...
  6. yeah, figures i missed out on that sale. oh well... now what do we do? get the smaller one? it doesn't look as good as the big one though...
  7. fayden.. i kno how u feel. i was in love with the big one ..until i tried it on and it jus looked really silly on me. boo.
  8. I like the smaller one! I just saw it in blue here in Canada, I was just saying this week I like the blue the best. It's shiny! Wish you both luck with either, they are both really nice!!!
  9. Any idea which bags will go on sale??????
  10. I'm 5' on the dot, and I'm still eying the bigger one down. The medium sized one.. just doesn't seem substantial enough. Just make sure to rock some heels when you're wearing the bag I guess. :lol:
  11. hahaha, i suppose i can try to pull a marykate-ashley olsen with huge shades and a egnormous bag, without of course looking like a tablecloth. i'm with you, i still like the bigger one. it's got better shape. the small one just looks too plain...
  12. no idea which one will go on sale.. the associates won't find out until tomorrow (sunday)... the day they officially start to presale.
  13. I usually love big bags, but in this case I prefer the smaller one :biggrin:
  14. I love big bags, but I am not feeling the big blue bag. For one, it does not come with a top zip closure. I need a zipper to secure the contents in my bag. Secondly, the ornaments at the top of the strap look like they way a ton and may put too much weight on my shoulders when the bag is lightly loaded. Better yet, I hope the bag at the bottom goes on sale. :love: :love: :love: