gucci sale

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  1. Hi- I am new to Gucci, but I see that they are having an online sale right now. Do they usually go down more? If so, how much longer?
  2. It's the very end of the sale on line as they already have the beginnings of S/S. There will be no further markdowns of existing stock online, then they will ship some to the brick outlets (also at 30% off) they often seem to keep the rarer away from outlets (exotic/handcrafted etc) and turn up in next season's sale. There are sales of outlet stock that are further reduced so you might look there if you don't mind slightly older stock or made-for-outlet simpler style bags, check relevant threads.
  3. aw thanks. Once I saw they made another cut. I had hoped for that.
  4. Anybody has the Boston Paravanda Singapore limited edition collection to share?
    I saw 1 in town today and it looks beautiful!
  5. does anyone know when fall/winter boots and booties will be marked down?
  6. I too thought there might be another mark down but guess it didn't happen and I totally missed what I wanted!
  7. do you mean 30% discount is maximum even on outlets ? regards
  8. Has anyone bought any Gucci items from TJ Maxx? I have a black sometic bag with the bamboo tassel and would love feedback
  9. ^^ I have never bought any Gucci but I know that TJmaxx has a pair of shoes on their website now !