Gucci Sale

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  1. Hi peeps! Any of you when the gucci sales start? I know that they have sales around June/July. Do they have a sale in December/January as well?Their Runway items go on sale right cuz the classics were not on sale the last time i went to the gucci flagship but the Spring Summer 2012 line was 30%off.;)
  2. If there is one, it would be around Oct.
  3. It depends where you are, but around Nov.

    Some dept stores have different stock but usually it's seasonal colours and a few runway pieces that go on sale. Python, ostrich, lizard etc don't often go on sale but very occasionally.

    Leather goods including bags 30% off
    Shoes and RTW 50%
  4. Boston area. I have this one bag that's on NM, Nordstrom, and Bergdof Goodman. I am just checking out when Gucci goes on sale so I can target where i can get the best deal lol...:smile:
  5. Does November include the website?
  6. 1. Check-in on tPF Gucci sub-forum late Oct early Nov

    2. Someone will have started a thread called something like 'When Does Gucci's AW Sale Start?' (Actually make that 3,4 or 5 threads called something similar LOL)

    3. The thread will contain lots of posts saying 'yer, I wanna know too!!!'

    4. Wait until someone who was invited to a preview a week before will write they went to the preview yesterday (preview lasts a week - in the States anyone can go but usually can't take their goodies home until the official sale begins)

    5. Someone will beg for the on-line link for the US on-line preview

    6. Someone will have it

    7. Someone will complain there's nothing worth having

    8. Someone will complain that Gucci is not on sale in Europe yet 'when does...?'

    8 a) Someone will have started a new thread called something like 'When Does Gucci's AW Sale in Europe Start?'

    9. and so on


    10. When do the sales start at the outlets thread start?

    Basically, Gucci change the dates every time on purpose. Gucci SAs are told to tell their reg customers that Gucci will no longer have sales (or have done so for the past 2 years) but they always have continued to do so - so far.

    What is true is that Gucci employees do not know which pieces are going to go on sale and do not know what date the preview-sale or proper sale starts. They are told just a few days before the preview starts, in time to invite their regular customers.

    European Preview rules
    In Europe only regular customers (that buy at full price) are invited to the sale's preview (and in Europe you get to pay and take them home immediately). Even if a former regular customer turns up on a rumour they will check to see when they last bought.

    At NM, other Depts stores and independent boutiques
    Rules change all the time but according to sources on tPF although the sale starts at the same time as Gucci stores, the stock is much more across the board and may have different pricing strategies including increased markdowns.

    I need to lie down now :biggrin:
  7. :yes:
  8. HAHAHAHAHAHA.....your post made me crack but u noe, its human nature. Im curious cuz i don't want to get smth and watch it go on sale cuz i will get REAL sound soo sarcastic!:smile::biggrin:
  9. Ha ha, I don't mean it sarcastically at all, of course we are all curious. But, if you do a search there is plenty of info on Gucci sales on this sub-forum but I guess it doesn't help that different areas have different rules and what with previews US and previews Europe, stores, dept stores, on-line and outlets it is very complicated.

    I would also be furious if I bought something one week for hundreds of dollars more than the following, it is human nature. I did that last year with a very expensive scarf top that I was told WOULD NOT GO IN THE SALE and then went in the sale 10 days later (happily I needed the top for a special occasion so it was ultimately worth the 'extra') - but I know exactly how it feels :pout:.
  10. papertiger: What about CANADA? lol
  11. Yeah, thats why I flinch when I buy runway items except for Burberry Prorsum. Something about Burberry that has always attracted me to their brand. Probably their Britishness and CHRISTOPHER BAILEY of course. I also buy things based on ad campaigns lol...if i like a particular campaign, I buy them to support the stars of the campaign. Like Roo Panes and Gabriella Wilde in this season's Burberry campaign. I love Roo Panes cuz he's hot so I bought extra Prorsum stuff without thinking lol...Guess we all have our preferences. Gucci ads don't draw me in so I double think about their seasonal items lol...Call me biased but im burberry all the way no matter what they say!:smile:
  12. Ha ha, I am the same in reverse. I live in 'Gucci World', I live in London most of the year so Burberry Prorsum looks practically normal and everyday life to me. For me the quality difference between Gucci and Burberry is not comparable, high-end Gucci is on a par even with Hermes. I would rather go to Saville Row for the best of British and get it custom made :tender:


    If you were talking about one of Burberry's couture trenches (design and order on-line from on-line) then :drool:
  13. Hahah..I DISAGREE!!!! lol...i think Burberry's high-end stuff especially all leather products are aboslutely delightful. I own Hermes stuff but I still prefer Burberry. I own gucci as well but I don't rlli like it that much lol...I guess we're both biased in a way...i like Burberry Prorsum because of it's military edge like their RTW and bags with all those military buckles and stuff, it just gets to me lol...and Burberry bespoke is awesome cuz i created my own trench lol, custom-made in a way...I don't know but no brand gets to me like burberry although i own all the brands..Hermes and Chanel might cuz their calf and lamb skin are soft, lv for their strong canvas and good leather on exceptional pieces i guess...:smile:
  14. Well, we'll have to agree to disagree, both of us too biased (or shall we say loyal, actually I should be more loyal to Burberry but anyway) :biggrin:
  15. Yeah I guess...British always gets to me lol...YOU SHOULD! tsk tsk:biggrin: