gucci sale

  1. so its dec 5th, but i dont see anything on sale at
  2. Thanks, I thought I was the only one waiting patiently for the 5th, only to find their website exactly the same as it was last week :crybaby:
    Does Anyone know whats going on?? :cursing:
  3. I've been waiting too!!!! :shame:
  4. didn't see anything too. :confused1:
  5. haha~me too waiting for,so we'll just have to keep checking:hysteric:
  6. nothing on sale from
  7. does anyone know if will start the sale today too?
  8. I waited all this time for nothing.
  9. hmmm yeah ive been checking obsessively too but do not see anything...
  10. yeah great... nothing! hopefully soon
  11. It's Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nothing I want so far though...this is a MUCH smaller sale than the spring/summer one!!!
  12. ^yeah! nothing caught my fancy
  13. I like one bag, but I'm not sure if I want to take the leap.
  14. There's nothing on sale that I want...the sale is very small
  15. is it me or the site, bc i dont see the sale section -_-