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  1. I just called the Gucci store in Chicago and the lady I spoke with said Gucci will be having a 10% sale on everything and this is the chance to get the classic items at a cheaper price. The classics, that do not go on sale, will be on sale only for this short time.
  2. How long does the sale last?
  3. Just one day.
  4. Just one day? Shoot!!! I think I will have to wait. I just do not do the shopping thing this week. I am too busy. Oh well....good luck to anyone who goes!
  5. Yeah, she said one day before the big sale starts on seasonal items.
  6. Does anyone know what day this sale will be?
  7. hmm... i wonder if the gucci stores on rodeo drive are having that same sale too?
  8. ^Hmm i too wonder.
  9. I thought someone mentioned that the seasonal sale would be 12/5?
  10. Hey All..Please post SALE info ONLY in the SALE INFO sticky at the top of the forum please!TIA!
  11. is this for the store in Chicago only?! i would love to *finally* get a wallet to match my bag! ;)
  12. Duplicate thread
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