Gucci sale

  1. Does anyone know when the next sale will be?
  2. December. Not sure of the exact dates, but my SA told me she thinks it's the first full week of December. So probably the 3rd of December.
  3. thanks!
  4. Would the hobos be on sale too?
  5. does anyone know when they will be starting the pre-sale? thanks
  6. anyone know if the cruise collection be included in the sale?
  7. I heard mid Dec, from an SA in Dallas.
  8. I know for a FACT that the sale at Gucci on 5th ave in NYC starts on December 5th!!! Not sure about the pre-sale but from my experience it is usally a few days before. My guess is that the pre-sale will be on Sunday, December 3.

    Enjoy and happy shopping!!!!!