Gucci Sale

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  1. Hi,

    Does anyone know if the Gucci store in London have a summer sale? If so when?

    Thanks Guys
  2. G U C C I around the world have a sale 2 times every year hehehe

    JUNE sale...the JAN~JUNE collection?

    DEC sale...the JUNE~DEC collection?


    the forum here goes crazzzy when it's June/December sale time! lol

    WE go crazy! lol
  3. wowww yay~ lol

    i was the first to answer your first post!

  4. madein! yes u are the 1st and thank you so much for the information.. Now I cant wait for June I just hope they have the bag I so badly want..

    its just lush :heart::love:
  5. Yes, next sale should be around June. Which bag are you interested in?
  6. emald37 Its the D Gold large hobo its just amazing I love it.. I dnt kwn how to post a pic of it on here
  7. Yes... I'll be looking at a few different stores in June. I've been lusting afte the same bag for awhile now and I'm just WAITING for it to go on sale.
  8. i heard there were one-day 10% sales at gucci. is this true and around what time do they have them?
  9. Oh, that is brand new information. Must keep that in mind. Thanks.
  10. The 10% sale happens every year the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. It is on your entire purchase.
  11. 10% isn't that much really. i mean if you really really want it, the price wouldn't matter
  12. does anyone know if they have that 10% sale here in canada the same time. i'm thinking of making one big purchase with that 10% hehe