Gucci Sale starts June 5th!

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  1. I just got the email. Unfortunately I haven't been into a boutique lately so I don't know about any presales, but I'm sure someone can provide some input on that one.

    I searched the forums and didn't see this posted yet so I hope it hasn't already.

  2. Is there an online sale as well? How much is it mark down to? Thanks!
  3. [FONT=arial,verdana,helvetica,sans-serif]I assume so since the ad lists the website and usually they are online as well. Unfortunately I don't yet kno what is included in the sale, but might have to hit the store this weekend to find out.[/FONT][​IMG] [FONT=arial,verdana,helvetica,sans-serif]Unsubscribe | Privacy Policy[/FONT][FONT=arial,verdana,helvetica,sans-serif]Unable to view? Please go to:[/FONT][FONT=arial,verdana,helvetica,sans-serif]You have subscribed to receive Gucci email communication. US Corporate Address: 685 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY, 10022, USA[/FONT] [​IMG]
  4. I got the same email. It did say online and in stores, but it didn't say what the discount is.
  5. The discount is 30% off canvas bags and 40% off leather bags. There is a thread on what was on sale at the pre-sales in the Gucci subforum.
  6. Do you know if they ever put the men's briefcases/bags on sale?
  7. Wow! That's some great deals going on! All these sales are killing me.......
  8. Last year the online sale was really good! It included bags, shoes, wallets and some jewelry.
  9. Wow getting excited just thinking about it...
  10. awesome, I wonder if the dog carriers will be on sale.
  11. I normally LOVE Gucci but nothing is wowing me lately. :sad:
  12. Hi! A newbie here....I just went to Nordstroms for lunch and found out that Gucci will be discounting about 33% off a few handbags. The lady pointed to one section of the wall and said they were all going to be on sale. Pre-sale is happening now. I wanted to get the "Grace" large boston bag - the one with the blue logo. It's normally $1495 but will be discounted to $939. I'm stopping by tomorrow with a friend who works there and get an additional 33% off on top of the sale price. :biggrin:
  13. Went to the Gucci Boutique in NJ...Short Hills Mall...bought a belt bag for $260!!! They had some luggage on sale as well (which i might pick up on tue)
    The SA told me that the only monogram bags they put on sale are the ones going to be discontinued. Personally....I didnt really like any of the ones they had on sale, but prices were not that bad. Hurry up before they are all gone!
  14. i stopped by the secaucus (NJ) gucci outlet during my lunch break and totally broke my purse ban! SA said that the outlets are not affected by the June 5th sale.... however, this particular location actually just recieved some shipments that were marked down between 30%-50% off original!

    a few classic totes were on sale - the large classic monogram tote with double web green/red shoulder straps from i think, $725 marked down to $509... the medium size was i believe $700 marked down to $489! i bought the large one :smile:
  15. have you guys seen the positano in fabric to be on sale? can I call a boutique and have it pre-saled to me that way?