Gucci sale indecision swing tote versus Jackie soft hobo

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  1. Very new to Purseforum (but longtime lurker) and just purchased the Gucci swing medium tote in taupe/pink online although it hasn't arrived. The sale is so tempting I'm thinking of getting something else and I'm torn between the small swing tote in red ( or possibly another medium tote in black) and the beautiful Jackie hobo that I've lusted over for months but was over my budget. Now that it is on sale, the price point is better but I would have to get a color I would not have otherwise chosen. My concern is that I know they are discontinuing the swing tote and while the Jackie is a classic I don't like the monogrammed or red/green design so I feel this might be my last chance at the understated leather hobo that I love. I'm not in to screaming monograms, etc. and it looks like the new designer is leaning that way. Thoughts or opinions?
  2. I purchased the Jackie hobo in black leather (no monogram) during the sale. It's a nice comfortable bag. The closing mechanism makes the bag a little heavy. Overall I'm really satisfied with the bag. Good luck with your decision
  3. I would probably get two different bags. Even though you may not get the exact color you want, there are still a lot of great colors on sale. Although I'm not the type of person who would buy two or more of the same bag in different colors so that's my pick.
  4. Thank you for your thoughts. Still thinking probably overthinking
  5. I have a small swing tote, a medium swing tote and the Jackie soft hobo in antique rose. I love them all. No matter which you choose you can't go wrong.
  6. Could you tell me what your thoughts are on the small swing tote? Which do you prefer the small or medium?
  7. I just realized that I said I have a small Swing tote but the one I have is actually the black mini and the medium taupe/pink Swing. The mini is great when I don't have much to carry but the medium is HUGE so if you like big bags that's the one to get. I love them both but I grab the mini more often.
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  8. I have the small and it is a great tote if you don't need to carry a laptop. Not too big, not too small.
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  9. Ok the one I'm looking at is in between the mini & the medium... so hopefully that will be good, thanks for your response :smile:
  10. Thank you :smile: I never do well with the cross body bags because I'm 5'3" think they are for taller gals than me :smile: Thanks for the response. What color do you have in the small?
  11. I have black. I am 5'2. There are 3 sizes I think. Mini, small, and medium. Mini is cross body.
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  12. thank you for the info. I think the small is the one - appreciate your help!