Gucci sale.. help me decide!

  1. Please help, my head is spinning! First, which bag do you like better? I'm hell bent on getting a white flora bag.. The horsebit hobo is not on sale unfortunately, but the second one is. They both end up being close to the same price.

    Second, which shoes? I can buy only 2 pair. That's all my guilt-o-meter will allow. I have never had a pair of Gucci shoes before but I feel now it the time to change that:graucho: I also normally wear a 7.5 but from what I've read, I sized down to a 7 for the open sandals. Any thoughts would be appreciated! TIA!

    PS. WHO HOO for my 500th post!
    115867_F5Z3G_8470.jpg BGV3274_mp.jpg 138713_F5ZA0_1063.jpg 138713_F5ZA0_5366.jpg 138714_F5ZA0_5366.jpg 154223_FBW20_9062.jpg 160107_FF100_9599.jpg
  2. Congrats on your 500th post! I like bag #1 and shoe #1 and #2
  3. I like bag #1 and shoe #3
  4. I LOVE bag number it. And as for the like them all. (sorry)!!!!!!!!
  5. [​IMG]

    I really like the first floral bag that you posted and this one that I posted above (which I would immediately buy if it was available in black). The floral print is just so pretty. I have it in a scarf and I ordered the bamboo flats that you posted in fushia in black. I usually wear a 8.5 (8 in J.Crew) and I went with an 8 in these shoes, the 8.5 was wierdly big. I tried on the black flora shoes that you have posted and I liked them but I didn't think I'd wear them as much as the flats, which I can wear to work. I'm a fan of the black flora more than the fuschia, but I think that's a matter of personal taste.
  6. So you actually sized down in the flats too? Thanks for telling me, I'm clueless!
  7. My vote is on shoe#3
  8. I vote for the floral hobo, the black mules and the pink flats.:yes:
  9. BAG 1 SHOE #3 and 5 .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. i'd say to go with whatever our girl janice says, since she's the fiercest gucci-girl i know :yes:
  11. hobo
    black mules
    pink flats
  12. I second this choice.
  13. I love shoes#3 as well.
  14. Definately without a doubt the horsebit floral print bag. Can you get the shoes in white to match. The healed ones? That's what I would pick