Gucci Sale at Nordys!!! PICTURES!

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  1. Just got an e-mail with pics of the Gucci markdowns for Nordys from my SA.
    Here is her info for preselect:
    Marie Allen
    Prada Specialist
    Bellevue Nordstrom
    (p) 425.455.5800
    Here are some of the pics!

    Britt_Satchel_was_1550_now_1019.jpg Aviatrix_Fabric_was_1890_now_1239.jpg Britt_Flap_Hobo_was_1035_now_679_Braid_Hobo_was_1835_now_1269.jpg Britt_Messanger_Platino_was_1730_now_1139.jpg Britt_Messanger_was_1820_now_1199.jpg
  2. Here are more!!!
    Peggy_Hobo_was_1460_now_1009.jpg New_Britt_Small_Tote_was_750_now_489_Large_Tote_was_890_now_579.jpg New_Britt_Satchel_was_950_now_619_hobo_was_890_now_579.jpg Indy_Degrade_Hobo_was_2490_now_1639.jpg Chinchilla_Indy_Hobo_was_3990_now_2629.jpg
  3. And More!!!
    Duchessa_Hobo_was_1190_now_779_Satchel_was1390_now_909.jpg Chain_Hobo_was_1565_now_1079.jpg Britt_Small_Satchel_was_1295_now_849.jpg Britt_Mystic_White_Satchel_was_1470_now_969.jpg
  4. I think thats the last of them!!!!
    Race_Bag_Sm._Brown_was_2590_now_1709_Multicolor_was_2250_now_1479_Black_was2650_now_1749.jpg SnowGlam_Satchel_Tricolor_was_2195_now_1439.jpg Small_Snow_Glam_Satchel_was_1495_now_979.jpg SnowGlam_Hobo_Black_was_1895_now_1249_White_was_1590_now_1049.jpg SnowGlam_Satchel_was_1895_now_1249.jpg
  5. :drool: thanks for the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:drool:
  6. Wow! Thank you so much for all of the great pictures!! They are gorgeous.
  7. Thanks for the info and pics realLifedoll!!!!! OMG they have the britt boston bag on sale!!! If I weren't working today I would go straight to Bell square right now!!! arghhhhh!!!! Dang it! Do they have any monogram canvas bags on sale??? I want to get a bag for my mom
  8. ^The britt boston is also on sale at Gucci for about $100 less!
  9. OMG OMG OMG, im about to have a heart attack, the bag i've been WANTING for the longest is on SALE. im on the phone with her right now, Thank you soooooooooooooo much REALLIFEDOLL!!!
  10. thanks for posting RealLifeDoll!
  11. really good bags on sale this time.
  12. roughly how much off?? Thanks for sharing!!
  13. ^If you hover over the photos you can see the prices.
  14. Large Chain Hobo! Omg!
  15. OMG!!! Great selection, thanks for the post!
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