Gucci SA

  1. Any recommendations for a SA at Gucci.
  2. I don't know where you're located but Peter is my SA at Gucci on 5th ave in NYC.
  3. habanerita has the best SA! :smile: paging habanerita! LOL
  4. Peter was my SA once before as well as a John Lee, and they are both very, very nice and accomodating.
  5. Do you need a sa at gucci boutique or can a Saks sa help you.....let me know or pm me......went to Gucci at Merrick Place in Miami today, my son got a wallet, I did not buy anything.........aint misbehaving today, but............loved mucho mucho all the bags!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I know John Lee too, he's really nice!
  7. Not to be stereotypical but is he the Asian looking guy and maybe has been there at least 2 years? If so, yes, I think he's really nice too!
  8. lol, John Lee is definately Chinese (he started speaking to me in cantonese, and yes, I'm Chinese too!). I don't know if he's been there for 2 years though.. I had gone in February. :smile:

    Peter was really nice as well though, he even sent me a thank you card 1 day after my purchase! :wlae:
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