Gucci S/S 2007...not so good

  1. I :heart: Gucci shoes and boots and was really looking forward to see the S/S collection...and it is BORING! Dissappointing!

    Am I really only one feeling so or someting is wrong with my taste? :confused1:
  2. [​IMG]



  3. Too weird for me! Very un-gucci.
  4. i dont think they look very springy.:s
  5. I like the silver ankle strap shoe
  6. Yes, I really dislike these shoes too. :yucky:
  7. I was quite disappointed in the new collection as well. :yucky:
  8. i agree, the bags are much better, some of the mirror shoes are ok but nothing compared to LV or chanel
  9. Boo...2 thumbs down for Gucci!!
  10. They're funky. I love the silver pair. Not the boots, but the silver shoes. I saw those in a magazine n' went gaga over 'em!
  11. umm thats GUCCI :shocked: ?!?!?!
  12. Not impressed. I usually go crazy for Gucci shoes too:confused1: :shrugs:
  13. I have these on order Guccix-x Hollywood Slidex-x Neiman Marcus

    beyond that I was disappointed as well...but in a way it is a good thing so that decreased my Gucci spending this season :smile:

    Not even sure if I will like these but figured I'd try them and can always return them. Since the 11s go fast I have to just order and figure out if I like things later because if I wait to decide they will be gone. I have this same slide in black, coral and the beige monogram all three with gold horsebit.
  14. I actually dislike those in the first post very much. Those above in the link are gorgeous!
  15. not a fan of any in the first post - to me, gucci has always been a reliable source of super sexy heels. i don't get that from those!