gucci rubber (rain)boots

  1. does anyone have these rubber boots & could you please post modelling pics? I was thinking of getting me a pair to wear when it's raining or snowing. (I live in a rainy country :tdown:) the price isn't that bad: 200€. I think I would wear them with skinny jeans (in the boots) or maybe with a denim skirt + my woolen trench. do you think it would go with the skirt? and with the trench?

    thanx in advance!

    here is a pic of the boots:
  2. I have teh navy blue in those and I have to say they are really chunky ....NOT SLEEK in anyway. I am only 5'4 and these boots go up to my knees so when I'm sitting I can't bend my legs cause it hits my ligament and becomes really painful. I bought these blue ones cause I have a blue guccissima bag......people look at me really wierd when I do wear it.....I haven't had a comment on them yet........I would think twice....
  3. thanks so much for the advice MissV:tup:!!
    I had a feeling they were gonna to be too chunky but wasn't sure. and in fact I wasn't thinking about the fact that rubber is thick and stiff so it can hurt your legs.

    I was trying picturing myself with the jeans, boots and the trench (just above the knee) hmmm ... so it's definately a no go with a skirt heh ... it would be fun if the boots aren't that chunky.

    I think I'm gonna buy me some leather flat boots instead ... not good for my wallet but you only live once, right :amuse: !

    thanks again :flowers:!!!
  4. I don't have these boots but I have seen them in one of the stores here. They had it in a maroon/darkish red brown. It was 60% off and I was tempted cos as you said leslie they would be good for rainy days but I decided not too as they were quite stiff. As MissV said the rubber is quite thick and stiff. As cheap as they were, it would have been one of those things that I would have bought just cos they were cheap and probably wouldn't have worn them.

    I don't know if you have tried them on, but personally I didn't get them. It's up to you in the again but I have to say I am with MissV, I would not recommend them.
  5. I love them.
  6. thanks for your input, Kavnadoo! I haven't tried them on yet. and I don't think I'm gonna, now I know this. too bad they're stiff and chunky (and I don't think they can make them more narrow because there is no zipper to put on the boots easier- just realized) it would have been fun.
    I think I'm gonna search some leather flat boots to run away from the rain :lol:!
  7. Good luck! Maybe you can try the Burberry rain boots? They are better apparently. Not a fan of Burberry myself but I have heard good things about them.
  8. ..I actually had bought these thinking of wearing them with tights/skirt on a rainy day with big sweater.......made me look like I have elephant legs.......just to give you an "idea" LOL!
  9. are they stiffer and chunkier than normal galoshes? i typically expect rainboots to be somewhat stiff. i think the boots are cute though!
  10. Oh I forgot to mention, they're not the most 'ladylike' type boots. From what I can see leslie you're a very stylish lady (love your collection by the way), in my opinion MissV is right, they will make your leg look huge. They definitely made mine look big. Personally I don't think that they are the most feminine boots around. That's just my 2 cents.
  11. I'm not a fan of burberry either. I think the Gucci's look more 'stylish,' don't you think? (+ don't like the stripes too much)
    although they have very nice coats. bought a woolen trench and I think I'm gonna buy me a 'regular' trench too. but now :back2topic:.

    I was thinking that too:p. guess it's not the right combination heh?

    found a pic, and its kind of :yucky: I think:

    and this, they are rainboots too (have no words for it)

    thanks Kavnadoo:flowers: that's very sweet! and yes I like my clothes to be elegant or 'chic casual'. (I try to be though:p).
  12. I agree with you I am not a fan of Burberry. In my opinion, I do think Gucci boots are more stylish. I don't get it, I know these celebs have a lot of money but a Birkin with boots like that? I don't think so. Maybe they can get away with it cos they are young are dress in a more 'funky' way. But the boots are a no no from me. Call me traditional but I prefer to stick to leather, even if I need to go through the rain. How about a cheap pair of synthetic leather ones? Then you can trash it around and not be worried about wreaking then. I tried to do that, I ended up never wearing them and selling them on eBay [​IMG]

    And yes, 'chic casual' describes your style perfectly!