Gucci Rose Pink Coin Purse..Does Anyone own??

  1. Ohh so you're the one who won it!!! I was eyeing that and even had my sniper set for it but my highest bid wasnt high enough.

    I think that is EXTREMELY cute and I'm almost positive it's authentic. I checked out the alignment and such with the pics on and everything lines up. I'm guessing it was either a UK exclusive color or it was from another year (not sure if Gucci made these the previous years)
  2. Yep it was me :yahoo: :wlae:
    I adore it..I emailed seller to confirm authenticity and ask where it was purchased but had no reply :sweatdrop:
    Finger crossed!!
  3. ^ congrats!! I'm glad it was a tPFer who got it. it's soooo darling!!

    *fingers crossed*