Gucci Rose Messenger

  1. I'm on a quest. I know these are discontinued, but does ANYONE know where I may still be able to find one?? I've searched everywhere, there arent even any used ones on eBay. I'm just dying to get one for myself for Valentines Day :smile: :heart:
  2. The rose/mono combo was on sale during June 07. I did not see the messenger at the sales at all. Have you tried the outlets? There are three, just call them with the style no and color and see if they've one.

    I've my and I love it. The butterfly charm is very cute.
  3. Do you know the style number?? I tried looking it up online and I cant find it at all - because it's not on any websites
  4. I called all 3 outlets today and no luck, although I still dont have the style number so they couldnt look it up for me - I asked if they could give me the style number - and all 3 said no :sad: