Gucci Rop mid-heel pumps

  1. hi,
    i recently bought these from Neiman Marcus and noticed the rope part of the shoes is coming off..what should i do? when i received the order, there was no heel replacement(which they usually do), didn't come with the original gucci box , and there was even a scratch on the bottom of the shoe that's coming any suggestions on what i can do about the rope coming off? thx
  2. [​IMG]
  3. QUICK!!! Send them back! For sure!
  4. i want to sent them back but this is the last trying to negotiate for some discount :sad:
  5. You didn't tell me all of that in your email! LOL

    That's ridiculous. Without the GG rope, um there is no point to the shoe. Did it come with the dustbag at least? Definitely try to negotiate some sort of discount for the other things, BUT if the rope detailing is not able to be fixed, then definitely return them. Sale or no sale, any retailer shouldn't be sending customers damaged merchandise.

    I had BG send me a pair of Prada buckle pumps that were tarnished and rusty (the buckles). I sent them back the very next morning!
  6. ya i'm trying to negotiate for the discount..the rope coming off is actually very minor i think...but still..just a bad feeling. do u think it'll come undone more?
    (i did'nt mention it earlier in the email bc i didn't even notice it until i finished writing the email to you) so it was pretty minor.
    i did receive the dust bag at least..but not the gucci box..oh wells...
    i will try to negotiate it to more discount..but i REALLY want to keep these shoes...even thought it's a bit big like i mentioned..thx for listening to all my shoe trouble..heehee
  7. i would send them back. if they rope is coming off now, can you imagine later after some wear?
  8. how cute. I would send back for a replacement.
  9. they dont have any more to be replaced. somone suggested me to request for a new pair of different style guccis but i got them on sale..does any1 know if they will honor me the same price for a whole new style? thx