Gucci Rome .. oh my ! attitude LOL long rant

  1. Gucci Rome hates luggage and didn't want to sell me shoes. I just came back from a marvelous vacation --- only negative throughout a week in Italy, then a 2 week Eastern Med cruise and lots of shopping was my treatment at the Gucci Boutique in Rome, but since DH was there, he's determined they are off my approved list now and I tend to agree.

    Here's the story. This store is located in a touristy area by the way, near the Spanish Steps.

    I was planning to buy some Guccissma sneakers if I could find them - they were available at home but wanted to see if prices were better or selection on the trip. No luck at Gucci Outlet "The Mall" in Florence so I was set to get them at the boutique if they had.

    We had a 4 hour train layover in Rome before transfering to our ship from Florence --- only chance to do some shopping in Rome and left luggages at the station was crowded. We decided to haul our stuff with us. LV, Etro, were are extremely gracious as DH would just step in with the bags as I'd purchase some items, they had a chair at the door at Etro, and LV didn't even mind him leaving the stuff by the counter while he browsed and took photos from outside.

    We moved down the street to Gucci by the Spanish steps, last stop before we grabbed the cab back to the train station (I had bought items at both stores so far and was bent on my sneakers if they had at Gucci .. I even packed one pair of shoes less than needed for the cruise anticipating them!) ...

    I expected the same courtesy as I asked entering the store "mind if my hubby waits with the bags just inside here while I do some shopping?" ... honest of gawd you'd think I was bringing in a turd wagon!! It wasn't an unreasonable amount of stuff, we could easily wheel it up along the streets Lol a rolly each and a carry on each -- DH just said to me, "be quick about it" ... and as I headed toward the shoes, the sales lady at Gucci says to me "..Please" ... OMG how rude!

    Anyway I went downstairs to the shoes, found immediately what I wanted, even better they were GOLD Guccissma sneakers, only seen the Gunmetal ones here in Calgary which I was comparing them too, thought they would be very cool -- just wanted someone to get me a size 40 ..... no service ..... walked over to a cashier?... they said ... you need a sales person ... um there aren't any helping me, I just need a size 40 ... so I waited .. went up the stairs part way and called up to DH ... How much is xxx Euro in Canadian? He says about $500 hurry up and get them, lets go (we were needing to get back to the train) .. I still waited .. finally one of the ladies that wanted us to hurry up came down to help, by that time i gave up already put the shoes back and she was appologizing proffusely as I was heading out and saying, well nobody bothered to help me the whole time I was here (I was walking around the store with a gold sneaker in my hand the whole time trying to get someone to assist me!).

    So we left.

    Anyway end of rant, but its been a long time since I've been in a Gucci boutique without any designer gear on, and it reminded me of those days -- they used to treat me just like that until I'd show up carrying or wearing designer bags -- and they were the only designer store out of LV, Chanel, Hermes, that did it on this trip.

    If they were in such a rush to get us and our luggage out of the front of their glorious store, if I had some assistance I could have bought some shoes very quickly, and been off -- but as it stands, I was short a pair of shoes until we arrived in Limosol Cyprus where I got some cool silver Ecco sneakers LOL. ALSO DH has insisted I take Gucci off my "approved vendor" list for designer items - he says "don't be a fashion victim" if they treat me like that.

    PS :

    Oh yeah they said Free Guccissma Luggage tags at the Rome Gucci store for each piece of your luggage you bring in while you wait as a gift to all travellersi that stay and browse an hour or more! (JK :smile: !!!
  2. Oh my goodness, I am sorry they were very rude to you!
    I have been to that particular Gucci store last year and it also took me quite a while to get some service but I was dead set in getting this wallet that I really wanted so I waited forever
    Hope you'd get your Guccissma sneakers soon!! :yes:
  3. Thanks Timetraveller :smile: Oh so glad you got your wallet! Appreciate you reading my rant, at least that helps me feel a bit better since I had to miss out on the shoes.
  4. Part of the traveling experience is the shopping right? Aww sorry that happened to you. It really is a hard call, because part of you just really wants to buy the shoes and kind of show them that YOU are able to buy it... but then, it's like... Uggghhh why should i spend my money at a place where they don't appreciate my business. So yeah, totally feel ya. This doesn't only happen at finer boutiques but it happens when buying a car, furniture, jewelry.. and even some restaurants can be judgemental. And you're right, we shouldn't have to wear a certain logo or look a certain way to get excellent service. I wouldn't do away with the brand completely. Even Hermes supposedly snubbed Oprah.. so i just think it might be that particular boutique and SA working there. Maybe you should write a letter and express how you feel. I hope the gucci in Canada can make up for your experience. :idea:
  5. sorry abt yr bad experience and those can ruin a trip....:tdown: Every one who walks into a store shoudl be treated like a potential customer..:yes:

    btw, what is the outlet mall like in florence? is it :drool:better than those and cheaper in USA?
  6. Well I'm in Canada and when I lived in the USA I only saw Gucci items at the NM Last Call outlets so can't compare prices --- I didn't see anything that really interested me, there was a lot of Flora items, shoes, bags, both white and black - I do kind of like them - otherwise honestly nothing really great -- what did interest me was what reminded me of the LV Noe .. not sure what Gucci called them, said retail was like $4,000 outlet price of about 1,000 -- straps had some exotic skin, kind of nice -- the bag was regular logo canvas... saw a couple of plain looking Boston type bags. Nothing I had to take home alas. Was hopping for some metallic Guccissima sneakers LOL.

    Hubby bought several shirts at Armani - very good prices there, for shoes I think the Tod's store looked to have one of the best selections in The Mall.
  7. I think the main reason this incident seemed to stand out so much on this trip, was I visited and bought from several high-end designer stores in various cities in several countries even on this trip -- and Gucci was the only one this happened with.
  8. Oh Vista!

    I sooo was expecting a good report from your holiday... the prices, the shopping, the experience. Only to be interrupted by a rude SA. I do hope that part was blurred by the fab time you seem to have had at the other stores and during your holiday.
  9. I'm sorry you had a bad experience at Gucci!! But trust me you're not alone in this one :p Gucci's going off my list real soon...I've been to a number of Gucci stores in Asia...and I can tell you that most of them was disappointing. If you want to have the best shopping experience at Gucci, Japan's the best place for ya!!! I'm really impressed with their services here:tup:
  10. Hi Dokturshoo! Oh my trip was so awesome and has amazing LV, Chanel, and Hermes shopping visits, just this Gucci thing in Rome needed a mention, check out my happy posts in LV in Action and LV Spotting in Venice Canal threads LOL -- I must say those gold Guccissima sneakers were hot though lol .. bah! hehe Maybe I need to take that advice and go to Japan Gucci one day... We have no Gucci boutique here in Calgary, just a section at Holt Renfrew and some shoes in their shoe section -- last I was there before this trip they had the gunmetal Guccissma shoes that got me started on this search lol.
  11. I would have confronted her and asked her what the problem was. Sometimes these snotty 'sales assistants' need to be put in their place.
  12. Vista, I'm sorry to hear about your terrible shopping experience at the Gucci store in Rome. It's too bad that the SAs lost perspective of what good customer service should be, especially to a visiting tourist. However, I'm glad to hear that the shopping experience at this particular store did not dampen your mood or set the tone for your shopping experience during the rest of the trip. Even here in the US, I've had my own bad customer service experiences with both LV and Gucci.
  13. Off to LV... ;)
  14. I'm so sorry this happened to you, I hope it hasn't ruined your holiday in my country? did you enjoy it? I'm planning to go to the mall outlet very soon, probably when the sales start
  15. I lovd my vacation, Maryg1 - Italy is so wonderful! -- I went to the Gucci Mall it was a beautiful day outside of Firenza :smile:

    Here are some pics : -

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Gucci store at the Outlet - they did have lots of Flora items :smile: and staff was more accommodating that the Rome store LOL

    Oh and here's Gucci in Florence, by the Duomo - bottom right Lol


    But alas, after Rome I didn't shop in these since DH was determined they snuffed us in Rome so no gold Guccissma shoes for me LOL -- oh well. But I came home with lots of goodies :smile: Italy is glorious to visit, so much history and culture, and in between mostly shopping in Italy was delightful.