Gucci ring - could a jeweler make it?

  1. So I'm crazy about these rings, my question is do you think a jeweler could custom make them for less?

    [​IMG] Retail $3,900

    [​IMG] Retail $2,970.

    They seem expensive for the type of stone, but then I don't know about the cut or setting.
  2. Oh and my favorite! Retail $4,900.


    What do you all think? Will these look dated?
  3. The cut is called a pillow cut I believe. I think they are ok and the older you get the more you will like them.

  4. Wow that's a beautiful ring. I know this is not a huge discount but my SA told me around Nov. they have customer appreciation night and you can get 10 percent off anything in the store. But I pretty sure someone can re-produce that design for you. One of our PF'ers makes jewelry.
  5. I'm sure a jeweler can recreate them. It's a pretty simple design. The stones aren't very expensive because they are semi-precious. You could probably get one for under $1000.
  6. The last ring is gorgeous! I'm sure a good jeweler could replicate that ring if you give him/her good pics. It's a beauty!
  7. Those rings are stunning!!! Not too loud as to be obnoxious but brilliant enough to get attention. :smile:

    Good luck!
  8. I'm sure someone could do it for you for 1/2 the price though I'm unsure of the Karat of gold. I can picture a green tourmaline in green gold.
  9. It definitely can be made. How it will turn out depends on the individual you use. I have seen some awful copies...some amazing. My girlfriend found a jeweler by chance and he ends up being an ex-Tiffany jeweler that worked with them for ages. She said he is amazing, but expensive. She said he can make anything. So, you must hunt down for a good jeweler and really see his/her work.
  10. I have a jeweler here in HK...that does custom pieces, and he is really good! Do you want me to check the prices for you????
  11. There is a PFer who very closely replicated an LV'll want to do it well, so you must find the right person.
  12. Thanks for the comments. If anyone knows a good jeweler in Washington, DC please pm me, or maybe one in NYC too, since I go up there every couple of months.