Gucci reveal

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  1. Hi! This is my second Gucci purpose and I’m so excited to have picked them up today. I had to drive an hour to find them in my size.
    CA9A6005-A06A-4772-A15C-E77D186B27E3.jpeg E487F093-25CA-4E71-AE10-44E7912A44A0.jpeg
  2. Your feet looking blooming marvelous :tup:
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  3. Thank you!! :heart:
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  4. Nice sandals!
  5. Love them! They look so beautiful! Do you find them to be comfortable? I hear such mixed reviews on the comfort of these.
  6. Enjoy your lovely sandals. :smile:
  7. Ohhhh, these are on the top of my shoes wishlist! Congrats!!! A friend who bought them told me she hiked in Australia for a week in these and they still look just about new. A must have for me for sure!!!!!!
  8. Love them!!
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  9. Very nice!