gucci resellers?

  1. are there any legit gucci reseller sites or consignment shops online?

  2. jomashop
  3. thanks gals :smile:

    is eitalygoods authentic too then?
  4. Oh, my God !
    mydesignerbrands sells FAKES
    My friend bought some things at that !
  5. ^^ oh no... I am so sorry to hear that paul.t. That website is well known for selling fakes. Can your friend return the items?
  6. so, italy goods is legit? how do you know?
  7. i think!
  8. I love orangeme! they have the nicest stuff.. not to mention the best professionally photographed items LOL
  9. Wow orangeme has some great Gucci bags, too bad they're almost all sold out! sniff
  10. that's something new :p

    do they ship overseas?
  11. Yes, they ship overseas. But you have to pay an extra $25-30 :rolleyes:

    "We do ship worldwide. Shipping price varies, but usually costs around $25-$30 US. The more you buy, the less shipping cost we charge. Very often we even ship free, depending on the amount of purchases. So do email us of your selection of goods for a quick quote."