Gucci Repairs!!!!!!

  1. I am really pissed at gucci.
    The hardward on my shopper tote keeps breaking! I bought it in Saks two years ago. I first took it back to Saks about 9 months after purchasing they sent me straight to Gucci around the corner.
    I took it to gucci twice to repair. They charged me both times over 50 + shipping.
    Finally the strap broke again yesterday causing the contents of my purse to spill across madison avenue.
    I promptly took it back to Saks which is around the corner form my office. after an hour of fighting they "agreed" to repair it at my expense of $30. They said this is Gucci Policy.
    This is crazy!
    What do I do?
  2. I say, get the bag repaired, sell it, and then get yourself a LV Noe.
  3. ^^agreed....

    Was going to say something, but I think I'll hold off on this one. :sweatdrop:
  4. Get rid of it after it's repaired. Sell it. Buy something else more reliable and write a letter to Gucci corporate about your experience and how disappointing it is.
  5. I think they should offer you a replacement. Serious. There is obviously something wrong with the hardware and they should take it back and give you a new one.
  6. Does anyone know where I can get my Gucci Abbey hardware repaired. My strap broke too (picture attached) and Gucci wants a fortune to repair it (more than $50!!!). It's only the tension/spring pin that popped out of the handle and flew away and I can't find it. It's a 2 cent piece. Anybody know where I can get another????
    Gucci abby strap break.jpg
  7. For something like the tension/spring--maybe a good shoemaker could fix it?
  8. I would check with your local shoemaker too. Those people are the best for repairing bags.
  9. When you get the bag back and it breaks again collect the receipts from the other repairs, take those with you as showing that there is a serious flaw with the bag. Explain to them that with those receipts if the bag is either not repaired properly then you would like another bag or some type of credit for another bag. If that doesnt work while talking to the SA...ask for a manager or someone in charge and explain to them the situation. Show them the receipts and that you are really not pleased with the quality of the bag. (Gucci strives on its workmanship) If that still doesnt work...take it to the top...also explain to them the amount of money you have already spent with buying the bag and all the repairs...if its possible if they can handle any other charges ( much do we spend on Gucci bags?...not breaking their bank). pleasant...I can understand being "pissed" after all you have gone through...I've been there myself cursing out :cursing: the SA, but that got me nowhere. When my little ole key fob needed repairs at Gucci..I went in with a smile on my face, a "Hi how are doing" and all that good stuff. The lady was really nice and helped me out.

    As long as you have the receipts with all the repairwork noted, I think you got a good case of bad quality in an expensive handbag. Hope this works...if it doesnt...I say phoooey on Gucci.
  10. OMG that is crazy for the bag to need that many repairs.
  11. I'd be inclined to contact head office with copies of the receipts for all the repairs too - how dare they charge so much for a bag and then not give you a lifetime warranty on the workmanship! Heck, my suitcase was repaired at no cost to me when one of the wheels fell off due to faulty workmanship, so I can't see why your handbag shouldn't be given I daresay your handbag cost more than my luggage!

    If they ignore you or won't help you then (not sure where you live, but guessing US) I'd take it to your equivilent of the Department of Fair Trading (which is what we have in Australia - by law here if something is faulty you have to be able to have it repaired or returned (your choice) at the store / manufacturer's expense).

    And if none of that works or you can't be bothered, I say sell it too!

  12. shouldn't they give you a replacement instead of having you pay for the repair?

    good luck!
  13. Agree with many others on here. Collect your receipts and show them proof of their poor craftsmanship. Ask for a replacement.
  14. RE the tension spring needed, not a shoemaker in sight has one and NOBODY but NOBODY has light gold hardware to replace the piece.:sad: Just FYI, there is a place in NYC that fixes bags. They're online at, but they're expensive too (want $45 to fix it).
  15. You should DEMAND a replacement!