Gucci Repairs

  1. I was wondering if you can get a 20 year old gucci bag repaired. My mom has this gucci bag that my dad bought her when they got married, and the inner lining is wearing out. Could I get the lining replaced for her?
  2. Gucci stands behind their merchandise always and offer repair service for a fee. Your best bet is to bring it into one of their boutiques and ask them! I love knowing she still has her bag from 20 years!
  3. oh thank you~ :biggrin:
  4. So do they fix em or does Gucci send the purses off. I need one hardware piece for my horsebit hobo medium.
  5. You should call a Gucci store to ask the question. I know for Dior, I take it to the boutique and they send it off to an authorized place to get it fixed. I would think Gucci does something similar....

    Good luck!
  6. Thanks. I did call sunglass hut to get my Dior sunglasses fixed. I did look up Gucci store I got it from.
  7. I called Gucci today to inquire about the worn out leather trim around my wallet, they said that they have to send it to New York to have it fixed and that it would cost around $200!!! for a $395 wallet! my wallet is not even that old, I am very disappointed in Gucci's poor quality.