Gucci Repairs

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  1. Anyone know if you can bring a bag in to a Gucci store for repair? I have heard conflicting things and was wondering if anyone has any experience with this? Thanks! :biggrin:
  2. Yes you can, I don't know if all repairs are free though.

    I brought my tote back to Gucci because the leather on the handles were coming apart (where the leather is glued) and so I brought it back and it took them AT LEAST a month to fix! I don't even think they sent it out to headquarters, I think they just glued it back themselves and then kept it there to act like it was sent out.

    I hate Gucci's customer service
  3. Thanks for the info Jen!

    That's exactly what i need to get fixed! The same thing happend to the leather handles, it's split open. ugh!

    Did you bring it to Gucci SF? or another Gucci in Santana Row? (I noticed that you are in nor cal)
  4. Neiman Marcus did a far better job for me.

    I took my bag first to Gucci - instead of taking the bag in or looking at it, the SA gave me their repair center phone number! (I don't have the number any more.)

    Enraged, I took it to NM. It took them about 4 weeks, but they did a great job. This was two years ago, and the repair was free. I don't know if NM will do it for free. I think it depends on the type of repair. NM will call you when they need your authorization to charge. They charged me $50 for a bag I took in early this year.
  5. I took my bag in because the clasp broke... and they were really nice and I actually brought it at the end of the school year, so it was the one in Tysons Corner/DC-area and they just shipped it back to my house around Chicago. There was no charge, but I know it was a minor repair. When I brought it in to Saks they told me they could not fix it since there was a Gucci in the area. It did take like 3 weeks to send, fix and get back, but it was fixed so I was happy!
  6. I was talking to a girl over on LJ and the same thing happened to her Gucci bag too! :blink: I haven't bought another Gucci since.

    I took mine's to Gucci SF and argh I hate it there SO much! Their customer service is absolutely horrid but that's a whole other post. If you can (if it's the same distance), take it to Santana Row's Gucci instead, they seem much nicer.

    Good luck, I hope they fix it for you free of charge!
  7. I think you can send them to Gucci for repair. Hopefully, yours will be okay.
  8. I went to the Gucci store in Short Hills, NJ. and asked a question about a repair.They do not make repairs there . They send it out to an "authorized" repair shop.
  9. I brought my blondie hobo to get a zipper replaced and it cost me 200 dollars! And it takes 3-6 weeks to fix. I should have just brought it to some other repair shop but I was affraid they would butcher my bag!
  10. I think if you take it to the department store they probably do charge you since they are the middle party between the customer and the vendor. I'm not 100% sure though.
  11. I just called my SA at Gucci. I was told to actually fix the zipper it was 170.00 plus 20.00 for a estimate fee. non-refundable! Sucks! But oh well.
  12. i've never been charged for any kind of touch up or repair at gucci. they've fixed my furs, shoes and bags before all for free. the longest its taken was about a week and a half
  13. Well, how long have you had your bags? :shrugs: They said they only fix it for free if it is still under warranty.
  14. Does anyone know if they would be able to fix the smugs on the corners of a bag? I just bought a pre-owned white leather one online. Everything looks beautiful except the corners. I want to make it perfect before I start to carry it in the summer.

  15. Ajin I answered you in the Gucci chat thread. Always best just to ask questions in one place otherwise it gets very confusing,

    this is a very old thread and not everyone notices and then they try to answer the OP who may have had issues sorted out by now...:biggrin: