Gucci Repair

  1. Thanks for letting us know! I'm a little worried/excited now :smile:
    If I have time I'll take it in tomorrow, haven't had the time yet with uni *sigh*
  2. Do you need your receipt in order for them to repair it?
  3. Really?? If they can't fix it, they'll give you a credit for the whole amount of the bag to use towards a new one?? Have you had this happen before?? I got a pelham hobo for 6 months and now the material is fraying. Thanks!
  4. All depends.

    If you're bag is only 6 months old you shouldn't have any problems. They know their style models so they'll know its age anyway.

    Take in the receipt just in case. If you bought it from someone else ie 2nd hand or from consignment it might put a different spin on the situation.

    They might have to send it away for appraisal.


    Then they will tell you whether they can do it and if they will do it for free or you'll need to pay for a repair. If you have to pay they will tell you how much.


    Then you will have to wait for it to be repaired.

    It can take months and months and months.

    But it's probably worth it if you love your bag.
  5. My mom has an old Gucci bag from the early 90s and the strap fell apart. She brought it in the Gucci store and they referred her to the place they send their bags to have fixed. It was $40, but the job was immaculate to the point where you couldn't even tell the strap was literally in pieces before. IMO $40 was not that bad for a repair on the leather strap at all!
  6. and the leather strap keep the original hardware, I mean the little bottons that say Gucci?
    where is that place?
  7. Her leather strap didn't have buttons on them I don't think since it's from the early 90s. The stitching had come apart as well as peeling of the strap where the hardware connection to the purse was. I don't know the location, but this is in Houston and they just referred her to the place they send their bags to get fixed in the area so you should just contact your local Gucci boutique and ask them. It didn't take very long, either. She didn't have a receipt or anything if anyone's wondering. This was just a couple of years ago.
  8. Does anyone know if Gucci will repair a bag not purchased from them? I don't live near a store and tried to call one, but they're closed already. I found the repair section on the website, and it says you have to send a copy of your receipt. I bought it from Bluefly, and it doesn't even say "Gucci" on the receipt, just "black handbag" and a bunch of numbers. Will they accept it, or should I just pretend I don't have a receipt at all and not send one?

  9. has anyone sent their Gucci bags for repair in seacaucus, nj? i was told to send my bag for repair since i live in a really small town now. i wonder since the bag is no longer new, bought it around 2007, how much would they charge me for repair? i have a horsebit hobo and the screw at the top handle and on the side came off.
  10. I also did not buy from Gucci but one hardware off strap came off and I can't find it. What can I do. I don't live near a Gucci store
  11. I have the same bag and my hardware on one side came off.
  12. I'm missing a screw one of my bags too (signoria dome)! It's fine and usable but I'd like to get it repaired. I know this is an old thread but if anyone has had any experience with Gucci Repairs I'd love to hear about it!