GUCCI repair FAQs and Help

Can a Gucci's interior be repaired?
Depends on what the repairs needed I do my own Vintage Gucci restorations is it fading along the top portion then it needs to be re-colorized if it's powdery & flaking Typically pieces from the accessory collection That used a coated felt for the interior gives the look of leather but was less expensive overtime the coating starts to idisintegrates becomes powdery starts to flake needs to be brushed get rid of the coating and you will have a felt lining


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Jul 31, 2016
does anyone know of a product i could re-coat my vintage Gucci vinyl lining as it is flaking and i am unable to use it this condition. Too old to get Gucci to repair so want to find a re-texture product. If anyone can advise, many thanks in advance

Hi! We’re you successful in getting any responses about what to do? I also have a vintage supreme monogram tote that is peeling/flaking on the interior. I also have a cut in the canvas- could a bag repair help fix that? Is there anything that can be done about a cut in the canvas?
Appreciate your response and if you have had any luck with your bag!


Oct 4, 2017
I just received a vintage Ophidia style shoulder bag; however, it is missing the decorative zipper pull. Any advice for locating a replacement? I'd love to find the exact same oval interlocking GG medallion style, but the crest style seems to be more readily available. Help, please!! Also, if I can't find the medallion, would the crest look bad? Any other suggestions? A small tassel, maybe?

Here's what I am looking for:


Here's how my bag arrived: