gucci related questions.

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so which one?

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  1. what does website exclusives mean? i know what it means but can't we buy the items there on a Gucci store?

    i'm a guy (15 y.o. )and i want a Gucci tote that is under $500.
    i've narrowed my choices to these 3 totes.

    1) $480.00

    2) $445.00

    3) $385.00 - this is actually why
    i was asking about the website exc.
  2. nobody's replying. :|
  3. I'd say the second one!

    Since your from the Philippines, I'm not sure whether or not the website exclusive bags are available in store as they are website exclusive for the international sites with online shopping. The international website (other countries) gives a better idea of wha is available, but there are many, many things that are not shown. Try asking the nearest boutique if they have the website exclusive totes. Good luck!

  4. actually i'm might be going to Hong Kong in the summer. my third time. i just love it there. cheapest luxury prices in Asia. i wish i was as lucky as you, oh to live in Hong Kong. haha.
  5. Hi, fore a young guy - I think the second one!
  6. 2nd one hands down
  7. second one for sure!!! and I don't know how it is in your country, but here in the US we can not buy web exclusive things in the store, nor can we order them in the store! :smile:
  8. I love the 2nd one, but if you want something classic, probably i'll choose the 3rd