Gucci Random Acts Of Kindness *RAOK*

  1. Some people have expressed interest in doing a RAOK in the Gucci Forum. I am putting this out here to see if we have more people interested. I did not come up with the idea- but it is alot of fun! We are currently playing in the LV forum-and I can already tell we are going to have a ball. Nothing is better then a pick me up out of the blue. If you are interested, please read the Rules below and PM me by March 14th the requested information. I will then send out questionnaires to all that stated that they would participate- I would need these back by the 19th at the latest. I cannot extend the time as I hope to get buddies paired up on March 19th (I am off that day from work) and send out the emails to your buddies by the 20th.
    **We can discuss the spending limit during this sign up time to confirm the $ amount**

    This program is for active TPF members who regularly post in Gucci Forums only. If you want to participate in this exchange, you will be expected to send 2 small gifts and 1 larger gift to your assigned buddy in April. You should not reveal your identity until the last gift-to make it more exciting! You will be expected to post pictures and/or descriptions of gifts you receive from your buddy for the enjoyment of other participants. Participants from any country may enter. You will be matched up with a buddy who agrees to send mail to your region.

    Spending Limit:
    This is up for discussion. We tossed the idea around of $125-$150, keeping in mind it will be a total of 3 gifts- 2 small gifts and 1 larger. Ex from Coach RAOK, $10 worth of stationary, $10 worth of candy, and then a wristlet and keychain!

    How to participate:
    -PM blew415 your e-mail address, postal address, and full name or initials. Also specify if you are male or female, and your regional preference for your buddy (list countries you will mail to) or International OK if you have no preference. All entries must be received by March 14th to participate in RAOK. Questionnaires will go out to all for some fun facts to help your buddy get to know you better. The questionnaires will need to be returned by March 18th.

    -blew415 will e-mail you the information for your buddy by March 19th.

    -during the month of April, please send your buddy 2 small gifts and 1 larger last gift.

    -keep in mind, you will be receiving gifts from a different buddy in the mail! When you receive gifts from your buddy, please post pictures and/or descriptions of them in a special "Reveal" thread we will start.

    This is similar to what the girls/guys did on the Hermes forum, the Coach forum, and now the LV forum.
  2. wohoooooooo fun fun funnnnnnnn! :smile:

    Thank you Blew for organizing this!
  3. Ill Sticky this.........Im in
  4. Thanks for making this a sticky Jill! Hopefully we will get alot of entrants-
  5. I hope the spending limit is not what is keeping people from joining- this is completely open! Though $$ amount is out here, it is based on what I saw on the other forums. Any $$ amount would be okay. It is not the cost of the gift-but the meaning behind it. Trust me- if I am having a crummy day at work and go home to a sweet card, that would make my day:yes:
  6. Yeahhhhhhh guys please join!! I REALLY REALLY REALLY am excited to play this with my gucci loverssssssssss! :sad: PLEASE!!! come on itll be fun! :sad:
  7. Since I mostly post in the LV forum I guess I'm not welcome :crybaby:
  8. Not true at all! I usually only post in LV, but I lurk in Gucci b/c I love bags! Please feel free if you want to join. Depending on the number of people that join(or don't join) by Friday- we may just have to try to this at a later time.
  9. Okay- I think this may be the line that is throwing people off:
    This program is for active TPF members who regularly post in Gucci Forums only.

    I should not have put 'only'. I guess it was more like- you post in Gucci too. I know all of us love more than one designer, and may not be loyal to just one. I know I am not! I own gucci, fendi, dior, burberry, LV- I just usually post in LV more.

    I am sorry about that, and hope more people decide to join by Firday!

  10. I'm new, so I guess I don't qualify :sad: Hopefully the next one though. How fun!!
  11. Thanks lolakitten- we may not be doing it in the gucci forum this time around. I have not had to many people reply, we will see, still have a few days left.
  12. C'mon ppl..sign up :graucho:
  13. Well, I'd like to participate, but don't think I qualify since I'm have not posted much.
  14. Okay- not that many people have signed up, so I am afraid this will have to be postponed. We can still do it between April 1st and May 31st, 2007 for a max of $50.00. You can send as many or as little gifts (at least $25.00) but no more then $50.00. I can extend this to Saturday, if you can just PM me your email address if you are still interested. I will then send out emails from Eflster for the final acceptance of Gucci ROAK for Spring 2007. We can then all decide if we want to continue. Thanks and hope more people decide to participate.