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Feb 4, 2009
100% Authentic Gucci Canvas Race handbag Brown GG logo (was what the seller posted)
Item Id: 320318962878

Hello i have purchased a gucci race handbag from an ebay member name shoesandpieces on Nov 17 auction #320318962878 for $368.09+9.50 in shipping. I love the bag get tons of compilments nothing about the bag says fake the quality of the bag is excellent it clearly shouts out rich. However, i took the bag to a store name revival in Roslyn long island to be appraised and unfortunately they said the bag is not authentic. I have contacted the seller and she is sticking to her story that the bag is authentic and it was purchased from the gucci outlet in woodbury commons. So i was referred to you guys from another ebay member. Please help as i do not wear replicas AT ALL. Thank you Puurfect!
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