Gucci Questions

Dec 6, 2005
Hello Everyone!
I am excited to finally join, and I love this thing. I make one big bag purchase a year and I am thinking of the large Gucci Horsebit Hobo for '06. I am not that familiar with Gucci, I would appreciate any thoughts. Is the fabric durable, can it be cleaned? The Gucci website has the hobo in tan, but offers no photo, can anyone describe the color?
i never got any of my gucci bags dirty, so i can't comment on cleaning. but i never had any problems with my gucci items concerning durability. actually, they all look like new. you should try the bag on in the store, because the large hobo is huuuuge. i've been eyeing the smaller one. there are quite a few tan bags on the website, just check them out for the color.
I have the light turquoise cloth logo wallet, and it got REALLY dirty. I went to the gucci store to ask how I should clean it, and they said to damp a cloth with water and gently press down on it. I tried that but it is still dirty. I would stay away from light colored cloth bags/wallets.